Our process will help you


Let's Meet Up Sometime!

We schedule an initial meeting for free. We would love to meet over coffee, or grab lunch to get to know each other and your project needs. We’re a flexible bunch here at Giotto Studios, and we’re also an international team, so we’re also happy to schedule a video call if that works better for you!  After we get to know you we’ll send you a quote and recommendations on how to move forward with your project.

Getting to Know You

We like to deep dive and learn everything about your project so we can better understand your needs. By learning all we can about your specific business needs and the products and services you offer we are able to provide you with the best solutions. The more we know about you and your customer’s needs, the more we can help you in the most productive way.

We Keep Our Promises

We are meticulous at scheduling our projects so there are no surprises! We are pros at scheduling all the phases of your project, and we love getting you involved at every step of the way. In fact we would not be able to hit our promised delivery 100% of the time without your loving involvement and support throughout the project.

Communication is Key!

We focus on keeping our team members on the same page at all times. Our process is constantly driven by engaging with the research, design, and development teams every morning before production continues. We do what we love, and we take pride in what we do. We’re here to work hard, make an impact, and have fun.

Let's Stay in Touch!

It is our relationships and our client feedback that allows us to grow and constantly continue to get better at what we do. We encourage your honest feedback, because to us, the work doesn’t stop at the completion of a project.

At Giotto Studio’s our partnership becomes a long-lasting friendship. We’re people-loving people, and we’re invested in your success!

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