BeRThA Online Course

Work Provided : Identity – eLearning Content Development – UX & UI Design – Storyboarding – Animation Production – Video Production – Content Management – Project Management

DATE: 09.Feb.2019


BeRThA Online Course Now Available at The University of Alabama Through Bama at Work.


Giotto Studios is proud to partner with Firestorm Solutions LLC in creating their very own custom-designed online course content for BeRThA®, Behavioral Risk Threat Assessment program. The BeRThA® online course is a licensed program available today through Bama at Work and is also the first course on the new online platform we designed for the College of Continuing Education at the University of Alabama.

BeRThA® is a unique program that functions as part of any school’s overall School Violence Prevention Program. With the BeRThA® process implemented, schools are able to recognize, and more importantly, respond to early warning signs related to ‘behaviors of concern’ that won’t yet fall into the classification of school violence.

Our goal in collaborating on this course material was to be able to bring to life an online version of the program training Firestorm was already being implemented in person inside school systems nationwide. The objective is to design the course in such a way that would ease the learning experience. As developed by the Firestorm team the BeRThA® process is extensive and contains many steps and specific procedures.

Client: Firestorm Solutions, LLC | Creative Agency: Giotto Studios, LLC | Producers: Giorgia Cifani, Davide Spedalieri | Executive Producer: College of Continuing Studies at The University of Alabama  | Production House: Justeleven S.r.l. | Direction and Animation: Matteo Loi  | Design: Corrado Ficarelli | Screenwriter: Monica Titus | Voice Over Talent: Jim W. Satterfield

BeRThA Animatic Sample by Giotto Studios and Justeleven

BeRTha Online Course - Take 1 ... and Action!

We worked diligently to visually have a procedure that is easy to follow by employing instructional design, state of the art animation, illustrations and exceptional voice over. Since the topics could sometimes be heavy, we used these visual tools to help the user focus on the task at hand, rather than the emotional weight of the potential situation.

The project was scheduled just like a film production. The initial phase of the project focused on pre-production such as storyboarding, instructional design, and character creation. During this process, it was necessary for us that while we concentrate on the logistics and requirements, we were also aware of designing our animated characters that also focused on inclusivity and diversity.

eLearning With Animation Worthy of an Award

After pre-production, we then moved on to production. While the design team was focused on providing all the visual content for the course, the content team worked on the instructional design of the course materials, as well as producing the voice over for the e-course.  Editing in post-production was just like putting together an enormous puzzle. This included the completion of the animation, perfecting the audio, course visuals, quizzes, and finally testing and debugging the course on the new platform we built for the College of Continuing Education at the University of Alabama.

For this course, we are proud to say that we ended up producing one of the best pieces of animation we’ve ever seen thanks to our partners at Justeleven! From a state of the art animation to super customized and entertaining learning content, to using our own platform to share the content with the world, we can be proud to say that in our partnership with Firestorm we successfully pushed our boundaries, and achieved our goals by raising the bar for ourselves even higher than before.


VISIT PROJECT: The University of Alabama – Bama at Work

The Giotto Studios Team in The Recording Studio During Video Production