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Work Provided : Custom eLearning Platform – UX & UI Design – Project & Product Management – Prototyping & Testing – Concept – Product & Design Thinking – Help Desk Support – Software Maintenance

DATE: 09.Feb.2019

A New eLearning Solution Custom Designed for Bama at Work


Since 1919 the College of Continuing Studies has had the awesome responsibility of extending the educational, consultative, and enrichment programs of the University of Alabama to the broadest possible range of students and organizations. Bama at Work and Their On Demand offerings allow for flexibility in learning yet also go beyond talking lecture to providing dynamic, highly interactive and illustrative learning experiences.

In partnering with The University of Alabama College of Continuing Studies we at Giotto Studios were excited to create a Custom Designed eLearning Platform for the Bama at Work on Demand offerings. This eLearning Platform was designed for both desktop and tablet, with the goal of being flexible, and user-friendly for participants of all ages, including both students, as well as instructors and administrators.

A screenshot and sample of the course lists on the new eLearning Platform custom designed for The University of Alabama Bama at Work designed by Giotto Studios.
A screenshot of the new platform for the University of Alabama Bama at Work custom designed by Giotto Studios.

Flexibility & Automation is The New Sexy

This platform needed to cater to the user experience of the Baby Boomer generation and market. As this particular market is not always very savvy on utilizing mobile devices, and has not grown up with the luxury of utilizing online course material, it was crucial that we focused on the “user journeys” gathered from previous consumer data.

As the user journey was important for the successful use of our platform, we focused on providing a minimal UI design, by creating a natural and automated flow of user-steps. In order to support the large demand of new participant additions, automating the enrollment flow, reporting, course uploading, and quiz creation was essential for the client. We kept the learning curve to a minimum, so they could continue focusing on their everyday business.

A Winning Project Management

Working on this eLearning Platform for The University of Alabama College of Continuing Studies was a joy! There is nothing better than being able to create a project from scratch, and watching it come together from conceptualization to launch, and beyond. We consider this project our baby!

We at Giotto Studios are pros at making sure we deliver our projects on time every time. For this project, our timeline was meticulously divided into phases so the client knew what to expect at all times. It doesn’t matter how big or small a project is, or how big or small a client is, the consistency our team is able to deliver is remarkable.

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Animation Style used for the new eLearning Platform custom designed for the University of Alabama Bama at Work