Rebuild globally

Work Provided: Identity – UX & UI Design – Creative Direction – Website Development – Prototyping & Wireframing – User-Centered Design – Advertising – Sponsorship

DATE: 22.May.2018


Fighting Poverty Is The New Smart

REBUILD globally is a nonprofit organization promoting prosperity by growing an educated and skilled workforce in Haiti and ensuring dignified employment. REBUILD globally believes that education and job training programs are the most powerful weapons in the fight against extreme poverty.  By creating powerful and holistic programs that empower individuals to obtain degrees, and work placement with their partner deux mains, REBUILD globally is focused on ending the cycle of poverty in their lives, their families lives, and in their communities.

Our goals for REBUILD globally were to enhance their web presence in such a way that made their amazing story clear and understandable, and that made donating directly from their website entertaining, and secure. REBUILD globally does so much. They provide job training, education outreach, and community development in Haiti. Beyond education and job training, they’ve created a pipeline to employment with their for-profit partner deux mains. Individuals receive job training with REBUILD globally which directly translates to dignified employment as deux mains artisans. We needed to show this connection between these two parts of their business and how their ecosystem is repeatedly successful from training to manufacturing, to full-time employment.

Rebuild globally Interactive Timeline designed by Giotto Studios

Interactive Content At a Glance

There are many different programs offered by REBUILD globally. We made sure we helped both their prospective and current donors to find and focus on the right type of content. We did this by simplifying their information architecture, by reorganizing their user flows, site map, auditing their content, and also by redesigning their landing pages. Each page of their website now strategically targets users not only by their interests but also by their emotions which helps each user deeply connect with each program.

Because of their unique partnership with their sister company deux mains, it was also essential to educate the user with visual bites and cues that gave the user a quick glimpse and without any informational overload that would overwhelm and stop the user by exploring more on the site. By designing an animated infographic that visually narrates chronologically the major milestones the company has reached since their inception, we were able to educate their audience in a way that was both simple and effective.

A Night of Impact & Ethical Fashion

REBUILD globally is showing significant growth as a nonprofit organization. In fact, in January of 2019 along with deux mains – they opened a new factory eleven times the size of their original facility. Today they are able to significantly increase their opportunities for employment and social impact.

Since its inception, we have been honored to sponsor REBUILD globally’s event “Runway to Haiti,” a fabulous annual fundraiser hosted in Orlando, FL. This unique event is a celebration of fashion, Haiti, and social impact that brings the fantastic story of REBUILD globally and deux mains to Central Florida, and their online community. Every year their concept gets bigger and better, and every year we make sure we’re there to bring their beautiful advertising to the web and throughout the city of Orlando.


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Runway To Haiti 2019 Program Designed by Giotto Studios
Rebuild globally Website Wireframes by Giotto Studios