Work Provided: UX & UI – Website Development – Custom eLearning Platform – Instructional Design – Course Workbooks Design – OBM Strategy – Product Thinking – Help-Desk Support

DATE: 23.May.2018



An Easy to Use Experience

Founded in 2002 Supply Chain Education is the leading educational solution for professional development experience and has worked with 2,500 professionals from 300 major corporations spanning 50 countries to offer the very best practices in Supply Chain Management. SCE brings together the most seasoned veterans in the SCM field, from their knowledge and experience, whether it be via online courses, in-person training, the hybrid model of the two, and/or “concept to reality” simulations.

For SCE we set out to give their old website a new treatment, and create a user experience that would be easy to navigate and specifically designed for Baby Boomers and Generation X. Based on the educational materials that were provided by their instructors we custom designed all of SCE’s learning and certification content. This content covered Certification Reviews for CPIM and CPSM plus 21 standalone mini-courses available for Supply Chain and Supply Chain Management.

Our objective was to be able to provide to the client and to their online students a very easy to use experience. We focused on designing a minimalist UI that was clean and especially painless, with easy to use video content, quizzes, and tests, and easy to navigate options for downloadable materials. The user experience also made it simple to navigate the platform with simple steps for purchasing courses and creating and maintaining accounts. This redesign resulted in a 96% successful participation rate, thanks to the combination of easy to follow instructions, visually striking and entertaining learning content, and successful onboarding. This is the highest passing rate we have ever seen!

Furthermore, it was important to us to be able to provide to the client a modular solution that could continue to grow over time. When they came to us their current website was outdated and was actually crashing. We made it our goal to develop a solution that could be upgradable over time, and that used the already existing content and framework. By using their existing materials, and creating a flexible and updatable framework, we were able to provide a platform for growth for years to come.