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UX & UI Design

Giotto Studios is focused on creating the best user experience for your client or user. We don’t design what we like, or what is popular. We design with the user in mind.

Brand Experience Design

We’re here to listen and collaborate with your brand to create something uniquely engaging. With over 50 collective years of experience in the marketing, design, and programming, our team brings the best ideas to the table. We take what you’ve created, and bring out the best by offering you the best designs, copywriting and marketing skills that suit your brand and audience. We’re digital storytellers.

Research & Analysis

We’re here to help you make the most informed decision possible, which is why research and market analysis are such an important step in the success of any project. By reaching out to your target market, and getting answers and information, we can best create content that is curated to your user’s specific experience.

Prototyping & User Testing

We offer prototyping and user testing so you can put your best foot forward. We craft and test prototypes early on so that we can be absolutely sure that your user is getting the best experience. By offering prototyping and testing we can create the best design, without wasting your time or money.

Mobile & Web Development

We have an international team of developers that can make your project come to life. Our team is fluent in both Web and Mobile programming. If it needs to be coded and created, we can make it happen! While we’re open to whatever your needs are, we will say that we’re especially fond of providing web development. Web applications are directly programmed for, and dictated by you, the client – allowing you access, and control of your content. From UX research, prototyping, wireframes, to coding, we bring your Web or Mobile application to life!

Product & Design Thinking

We have a meticulous process for creating unique solutions. At our core our design process focusses on user needs, and creating an experience with viable business models, and suitable technologies. We take the time to truly understand our user, and their unique challenges, and develop creative solutions through research and prototyping. At our core we adore creativity, and we live for making new ideas come to life!

Project & Product Management

We are proactive at scheduling our projects, and setting our priorities! We love keeping things organized and up to date, and we love getting you involved at every step of the way. We keep you in the loop with constant communication and collaboration. In fact we would not be able to hit our promised delivery 100% of the time without your loving involvement and support throughout the project.

Let’s create an amazing experience!